File types that could be used in the development of games or even as games.

Standard for interactive storiesEdit

There should be a standard file type for interactive stories in the spirit of point-and-click adventures such as Kings Quest and Flight Of The Amazon Queen so that such games can be played from an application rather than making each as a new program. This standard should allow the quick creation of simple, story-driven games by non-programmers.

What would be required:

  • A language for writing the stories in. Should only support what is strictly required to make such a game rather aiming to be an actual programming language.
Could be modeled on scripts used in cinema and theater. I.E each scene has actors (objects) that give each others ques to perform an action such a talk with the hero.
  • A method of quickly installing games. Probably keeping them in a compressed archive until opened for playing.
  • A standard set of dimensions for background images so that scenes can be scaled easily.
  • Support for background music and sound effects could be nice.
  • A web site for users to exchange games.
  • A program for editing and packaging games to make it more accessible to the end user.
  • Support for both SVG and "conventional" formats like JPEG and PNG so that users can take advantage of the consistantly smooth appearance of vector graphics or use scanned images and photographs.

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