Please place ideas for new hardware into one of the following categories. If you can not find a fitting category please create a new one with a tidy explanation of what it is. Note that the hardware's designs need not fit under an exact open source license so long as it is relevant.

  • Computers, Designs for complete computer systems. Can include servers, desktops, netbooks supercomputers or any other kind.
  • Components, Designs for new computer and electronics component. Nothing listed here should be a stand alone device.
  • Gadgets, Devices that are designed to perform a single or small number of functions. Should not include anything designed to be programmable for general purpose programming. The level of complexity in design does not matter.
  • Media, This category is only subtlely different from component. It is for removable data storage media. May include variations upon the themes of USB sticks, optical media and (horror) punch cards. Whether such things constitute hardware is debatable.
  • Misc, Use this category for hardware that is to tricky to categorize.

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