Package Caching Server Edit

A useful program for people who are on severely limited Internet connections is an http/ftp caching server that specialises in dealing with software packages (*.rpm, *deb, etcetera). Clients of this server should be configured to use it as their sole repository of software. If the server gets a requests for a package that it does not have it will download it from a server a list of mirrors in the same manner as programs such as yum, apt-get and pacman.

This server should be able to be configured to differentiate between request for packages and requests for things such as web pages (which are periodically refreshed but keep the same file name) and requests for packages (which stay unchanged until being replaced by a new version with a different file name) and should periodically (i.e weekly) download the full file list of the repositories it caches.

Other Possible Features Edit

  • Caching for multiple distributions and Operating systems. For example being able to differentiate between a requests for a Fedora package and a PC BSD package.
  • Web interface for new users.
  • Support for Network attached storage (NAS) devices. This will make it more practical to run on plug computers.

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