Semantic Word processing Standard Edit

Something for printed media that has a structure style division (akin to HTML and CSS) but more user friendly than LaTex would be very useful.

Word processors designed for this standard should have at least two modes. One for writing content and the other for designing the final layout.

Possible features: Edit

  • Extensibility: Allowing users to come up with their own tags / content types (i.e list, sub headings, block quotes).
  • Embedding fonts (or perhaps font sub-sections) in the saved document.
  • Separate formats for creating / editing content and actually viewing content. This should be a similar division to the LaTex / PDF distinction.
  • Being able to trade stylesheets on services like
  • Ability for users to define their own page dimensions.

Why Not HTML and CSS? Edit

  • These standards are neither intended for printed media (especially HTML 5). This should be a pure or near pure standard for printing (one possible exception is the creation of slide shows). CSS does not give a sufficient degree of control for purposes such as book publishing.
  • The browser wars. Making a web document display exactly the same way on all browsers is a considerable challenge. This is not acceptable for purposes such as book publishing.

Why Not Latex? Edit

  • This hypothetical standard should be accessible to all users. LaTex on the other hand requires a great deal of attention to the proper use of various macros, including files ecetera. For most users this is both unnecessary work and unnecessary learning.

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